Kavin Group was officially established on May 9, 2011 by adopting a new visual identity and restructuring of the Kable company for general contracting and merging a group of companies to contribute to the implementation and development of projects in the Kurdistan region and Iraq. Keeping up with time, with its employees of more than 2000 employees and with an annual growth of 24% and its values, KAVIN GROUP has evolved into a leading group of companies in multiple services fields in the Kurdistan region and Iraq by focusing on construction, trade, investment, Telecommunications, hospitality, shopping malls and other Domains.

We have also established successful and lasting partnerships with prominent governmental, nongovernmental, local and international entities that have enabled us to contribute to the Kurdistan’s and Iraq’s economy by focusing on diversifying its economy through creating sustainable business opportunities and an ongoing investment.

The group policy is based on earning the trust of its customers by providing high quality service that exceeds competition and the implementation of its projects with the highest workmanship, ingenuity, professional standards and business ethics.
To be the most trusted and reliable destination for our customers, and we strive consistently to exceed their expectations by combining our experience and thought leading with our integrity, objectivity, resources and capabilities.

Our goal is to build a global group of companies committed to the long-term success of our employees, communities and shareholders.

Our mission statement explains why our company exists. It describes who we are and what we do, and it supports our vision and conveys our goal. In addition, it describes and outline our company in the future as well.

Our 11 core values and our motto (PLAN. COMMITMENT. SUCCESS) enables and motivates us to go beyond borders and strive for the best day by day.
Our vision is a clear path from inception to the present day. Our vision is a performance-based reputation. To achieve our vision, we are committed to consistently delivering exceptional value and earning customer satisfaction by building enthusiastic and high-performance teams.

The reason that we are the fastest growing company is our proven track record that has demonstrated and proven that regardless of all challenges, we deliver the work with the highest standards on time and on budget.

On the other hand, our vision as a pioneer in our profession committed to building and ensuring a better tomorrow, with increased confidence and credibility in business, continuous growth, developing talents and greater cooperation.
We are committed to running our business successfully and efficiently through eleven core values that translate our motto into the ground (PLAN. COMMITMENT. SUCCESS). Our core values are not just words on a page or merely spoken, we live through them. These core values guide us to deal with every aspect or a trend for any issue that we face in our professional and personal lives.

As well as these values help us to grow and interact internally, externally and an institution. On the other hand, these values are bringing, enriching and providing various long-term benefits to our organization, our employees and our clients whom we serve by fulfilling our corporate and shared responsibilities to the best of our abilities and expertise.

We expect the excellence from and in all tasks and actions, whether they relate to the formulation of accounting policies and procedures, capacity development or the progress and implementation of business and projects or serving our customers.

Our core policies and values aim to create a team-work oriented environment with a culture of sharing and open communication. We cherish the diversity of the individual’s point of view, realizing this and encouraging qainnovation and character development.

We are accountable to each other, to our customers and partners, for supporting and upholding these values. When you enter into the KAVIN GROUP office or onto its projects, you feel our culture, our policy and our core values. As constant professionals who go at the root of business in details and do what we say we are going to do.

Our goal is to earn each client’s designation at Kavin Group, our success is measured by the degree to which we exceed our client’s expectations and the achievement of their project goals and objectives. We are earning this privilege by providing the utmost services, values, and quality throughout every client relationship.

Trust is our currency. We continually live and share our shared values with internal and external stakeholders and fulfill our word at all costs. Our actions are authentic and reliable, and we hold ourselves accountable to our promises. Personal integrity is the foundation of our company values.


KAVIN GROUP’s success is due to the fact that we satisfy customers in our planning and work. We always put the customer’s concerns and benefits in the first place. We adjust all our procedures and actions towards winning satisfied customers and make it routine to go above and beyond the call of duty to create this result.


No one from the Kavin group ever said, This is not my job! does not say. We are We take precautions and responsibilities to have a good result and to satisfy our customers.


None of Kavin Group’s goals or objectives is more important than ensuring the health and welfare of workers in our workplaces and in our offices. We make safety the first consideration in planning work activities. If we can’t do it safely – we don’t do it at all.


KAVIN GROUP focuses on performing better today than what we have done in the past. We always know that there is room to improve ourselves and our operations. We are looking out the suggestions for improvement and development and implementing changes that bring the desired and utmost benefit to our employees, customers and company.

in Iraq when it comes to the development of some of the region’s most intense and diversified projects. From infrastructure works to enclosed structure and open air projects, Kavin Construction has the necessary skills to make any project, no matter how challenging, truly come to life.
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